Warrior Homework

Homework can be accessed from our class  website at http://www.wandrum.com.   The assignments

 are updated on a daily basis and are usually  ready by 3:00 p.m.  If any student has a problem with the

 homework, he or she is encouraged to email me (twandrum@hotmail.com)  at any time.  I will respond as soon as

 time permits. 

1   Homework is usually practice for a skill or concept that has been modeled or taught in class.  It is also used as a way to improve reading comprehension.

2    Actual written homework will usually be assigned five days a week, on Monday through Friday evenings.  The students will very rarely receive written homework on Wednesday nights and Fridays will usually just be completing a reading log and getting a signature. 

3   Daily homework is designed to take no more than an hour per day to complete.  If your child is taking longer please let me know.

4   Daily completion of homework is a great tool for teaching responsibility and an excellent way to improve grades in all subject areas.  Students that are very consistant at turning in quality homework on time will see benefits in their final grades for each 9 week marking period. 

5   It is extremely important that homework be completed every day. Every homework assignment will be given a completion grade and  some will be graded by the teacher.  The students will not know which assignments will be graded.  The homework completion grade  will be averaged as twenty percent of every subjects final grade.  Having the Daily Bevior Sheet signed everyday is an important part of the homework. 

6   Homework that is done improperly or sloppily may be given back and not accepted.  In addition, homework that is handed in late or without a name is also not accepted except under extenuating circumstances such as an illness or  emergency. All homework must have the correct heading according to my current classroom procedures.